Brendan S Fernandes

Software Development


Are you...

  • A web designer who needs a programmer?
  • A programmer stuck on a problem?
  • In need of extra programming resource?
If so, then I can be of help!

I am...

An experienced programmer, specialising in:
  • Server-side programming
  • Website back ends
  • Databases
  • E-commerce
  • Algorithms and advanced programming


I have created solutions using the following tools:

  • C++
  • PHP
  • MySql
  • Apache/Linux
  • Javascript, React
  • Java / Tomcat
  • Python
  • Oracle, SQLite 


  • Computer Science degree from Cambridge University
  • 20 years' experience in being a business owner/manager running successful online retail businesses
  • Over 25 years' professional programming experience

Working with me

  • I focus on business requirements first and foremost
  • I choose the appropriate technology based on the business requirements (rather than the other way round)
  • I will try to reduce your costs as much as possible by reducing unnecessary complexity 
  • I am fair, reasonable, friendly and easy to get along with
  • Based in West Sussex, UK

Contact Me

Message me via LinkedIn or Facebook